Jordin Sparks - Jordin Sparks [LP]  

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01. Tattoo
02. One Step At A Time
03. No Air (w/ Chris Brown)
04. Freeze
05. Shy Boy
06. Now You Tell Me
07. Next To You
08. Just For The Record
09. Permanent Monday
10. Young And In Love
11. See My Side
12. God Loves Ugly
13. This Is My Now
14. No Air (Acoustic)
15. One Step At A Time (Remix)

Here we have Season 6 American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks. Last year, she released her debut album titled Jordin Sparks. This album is one of my faves. All of the songs are great. From ballads to cool rnb jams, it will surely suit anyone's type of music. More so, it has HIT written in all of it because of it being very listenable. Her voice is really soothing and it seems like she's here to stay for a longer period of time. My faves are the three singles Tattoo, No Air and One Step At A Time. I just hope the next album's as great as this. BTW, I also included the No Air (Official Acoustic Version) and an exclusive Beyond Belief Remix of One Step At A Time. Enjoy the good stuff!

My Personal Rating: 4.92/5 stars

Standout Tracks: Tattoo, No Air (w/ Chris Brown), One Step At A Time
Cover: Official International Cover by Jive Records
Link Upload: RonnLee

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Hello Again, World!  

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After a very long two month hiatus, we are again back to bring to you your musical desires. But there are new implementations on the new and better Café Musica!

There have been suggestions to make the blog an all album blog. And yes, we are adapting it from now on. That's why all the MP3 posts were deleted. We are gonna feature at least 3-4 albums per week(most of them having custom covers) with our reviews. Isn't it great?

Many of you are not feeling comfortable downloading on Adrive so to accommodate everyone, I am changing the link host to Sharebee! This will entertain more choices for you guys! Now you will want more more more!

Well as an improvement on the blog, we added my personal account so you can see which music I dig on personally. You can as well leave comments there of your requests and more!

Also, our favorite features will retain.The Request Page, The Hitlist, The Tagboard, The Spotlight Star and if we will be able to pursue on it..a monthly Interview With Mr./Ms. Popular. Hope you enjoy the new Café Musica!

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